Doctors On Maca

I give my patients a choice; either natural hormones which are made to be biodentical to human estrogen and progesterone or Peruvian maca root. The ones who have chosen to go with Peruvian maca root  are doing phenomenally well." - Dr. Cynthia Watson, M.D., Santa Monica, California.

"Peruvian maca root regulates the organs of internal secretion, such as the pituitary, the adrenal glands, and the pancreas. I have had perhaps 200 female patients whose menopause symptoms are alleviated by taking maca." - Dr. Hugo Malaspina, M.D., Lima, Peru.

"I'm amazed at how fast Peruvian maca root works...within just four days of taking Peruvian maca root capsules, M. T. went through an enormous turnaround...she feels strong and vigorous and her depression is gone." - Dr. Harold Clark, M.D., New Rochelle, N.Y.

"Peruvian maca root is very useful in treating male impotence, erectile disfunction, menopausal symptoms, and general fatigue." - Dr. Aguila Calderon, M.D., Lima, Peru.

"Using this Peruvian red maca root myself, I personally experienced a significant improvement in erectile tissue response. What I see in Peruvian maca root is a means of normalizing our steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Therefore it has facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging." - Dr. Garry F, Gordon, M.D., Chicago, Illinois.

Why Us?

The Maca Team Difference

We are a small family run company with our entire focus on Maca.  Our mission is to provide customers with  fresh, organic, premium quality Maca powders at fair prices.    Because of our single minded dedication we are able to:

  1. Source only the best quality Certified Organic Maca from our organic farming co-op in Junin, Peru.  – We’ve tried 100s of different Maca powders to find the most effective and potent.
  2. Offer only the freshest products – Because we are small, we can purchase our products in small batches that we All-Bags-Capssell within 2 months.  That means our Maca is in your hands almost always within 3 months of being made into a powder.
  3. Maximize the freshness of our products by using only food grade, double sealed foil lined bags for our Maca powders and amber, sealed jars for our Maca capsules.
  4. Provide the best selection of Maca anywhere in the world – we now offer 7 types of Maca in both powder and capsule form.
  5. Ensure fair prices for everyone – we pay above market price for our products so that the farmers are treated fairly, but we don’t pass that on to you.  Instead we keep our prices fair for our customers as well.

In addition to the quality of our products, we take pride in excellent customer service.   The bottom line is that we value our customers and treat them the way we like to be treated.   When you order any product from The Maca Team you can count on:

  • Fast shippingOrganic-Fair
  • Friendly and prompt service to resolve any issues
  • Excellent support with any questions you may have
  • Assurance of freshness and high quality
  • 100% GMO Free
  • 100% Organic
  • Fair prices

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A Message from The Founder and Owner

The story of The Maca Team starts with me  in 1999.  Maca was much less known outside of Latin America markheadthan it is today and there were only a handful of companies promoting it in the U.S.   I first tried it on the recommendation of a friend who was a raw food nutrition expert and I noticed a difference, especially in my energy levels and my mood, after about 2 weeks.  Unfortunately my supply ran out quickly and I had a hard time finding more.

Over the next couple of years I tried many brands of Maca powder and discovered a wide variety of quality, consistency and potency.   Some powders worked really well while others had little to no effect.   (Knowing what I now know about Maca, I believe that this was due to how the roots were grown and processed and stored).

After lots of trial and error I finally found  Maca powder that I really, really liked in 2003.   It comes from a small organic farming co-operative located in Junin, Peru and I noticed the difference right away in terms of quality, taste, freshness and efficacy.   Shortly afterwards, I started sharing this Maca with friends and then finally in 2004 decided to sell it publicly on my old natural health website.   Sales went well and a couple years later I launched The Maca Team as a full fledged business to be able to provide high quality Maca to more people.

We started out with just myself and one other person shipping out one kind of Maca (our Cream Maca) and grew from there.  Now, I’m happy to say that  we have developed the most complete line of  organic Maca products available anywhere.   We now stock 7 types of Maca powders, 4 Raw and 3 Gelatinized and offer all of them in capsules as well.   I’m really happy and proud to be able to offer our customers this variety.

Even as we grow, we carefully maintain our quality and service values as a small company.   My top concern is that all questions are answered carefully and accurately.   So even now, I’ve structured my time so that I can still respond personally to most emails and phone calls.

We’re not the biggest Maca company out there, but we strive to be the best and friendliest.  We want you to enjoy your experience with Maca as much as we have.   In the end  we only succeed when you do.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

Enjoy the day!

The Maca Team

Mark Ament, owner