Doctors On Maca

I give my patients a choice; either natural hormones which are made to be biodentical to human estrogen and progesterone or Peruvian maca root. The ones who have chosen to go with Peruvian maca root  are doing phenomenally well." - Dr. Cynthia Watson, M.D., Santa Monica, California.

"Peruvian maca root regulates the organs of internal secretion, such as the pituitary, the adrenal glands, and the pancreas. I have had perhaps 200 female patients whose menopause symptoms are alleviated by taking maca." - Dr. Hugo Malaspina, M.D., Lima, Peru.

"I'm amazed at how fast Peruvian maca root works...within just four days of taking Peruvian maca root capsules, M. T. went through an enormous turnaround...she feels strong and vigorous and her depression is gone." - Dr. Harold Clark, M.D., New Rochelle, N.Y.

"Peruvian maca root is very useful in treating male impotence, erectile disfunction, menopausal symptoms, and general fatigue." - Dr. Aguila Calderon, M.D., Lima, Peru.

"Using this Peruvian red maca root myself, I personally experienced a significant improvement in erectile tissue response. What I see in Peruvian maca root is a means of normalizing our steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Therefore it has facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging." - Dr. Garry F, Gordon, M.D., Chicago, Illinois.

Buy Maca Online

Maca is now available in many health food stores, but best way to purchase it is still to buy Maca online (as long as you have all the facts).   We’ve put this article to give you a “buyer’s guide” to purchasing Maca on the internet.  Here are 5 tips that will get you the best products possible.

See the Best selection of Maca on the internet

How Fresh Is Your Maca?

As long as it’s stored in the proper conditions, Maca has a shelf life of about 2 years.   In order for it’s potency to be preservedbuy maca online it must be stored out of direct light and humidity and in a very low oxygen environment.   Of course, the fresher the Maca you get, the more potent it is.  That’s why you should always find out when your Maca was harvested.

Each year Maca roots in Peru are harvested in May/June.   Ideally you want to purchase Maca from the most recent harvest.  This is easier to do when you buy Maca online.   Maca in health food stores tends to sit around longer.

Is Your Maca Certified Organic?

One thing that’s great about Peru is that it has banned all GMOs until 2021.   That means all Maca is GMO free.   But it doesn’t mean that all Maca is organic.   Some farmers do use chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides on their crops.  For that reason it is very important to request “certified organic” when you buy Maca online.

A Better Selection of Maca Online?

Maca roots grow in a variety of colors ranging from white to dark gray.  Each of the colors has been shown to have different properties and work better for certain conditions than others.   Compare Maca colors here.  Most health food stores carry the most common type of Maca (cream/yellow).   While it does have many of the standard benefits of Maca, it’s not a good for several things as is Red Maca or Black Maca.     When you buy Maca online, you simply have a greater choice.

See the Best selection of Maca on the internet

Is Buying Maca Online Cheaper?

When you buy Maca online, you tend to save money even when you factor in the shipping.   In one recent look at Maca prices in health food stores, we saw that the exact same products cost on average 20% more in the store than online.   It’s simply a reality of the lower cost of running an online shop compared to running a health food store.

Better Information Online

One final thing that you get when you buy Maca online is better information and support.   You can get full dosage guidelines, recipes, hints and other great suggestions for using Maca much easier on the web than in a store.    One of our goals as a leading retailer of Maca products is to provide this great information.

We hope this article has helped you in terms of where and how to buy Maca online. 

Any questions please let us know.

Because we go to the source we can provide  you with low prices on the highest quality certified organic Maca anywhere.

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