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I give my patients a choice; either natural hormones which are made to be biodentical to human estrogen and progesterone or Peruvian maca root. The ones who have chosen to go with Peruvian maca root  are doing phenomenally well." - Dr. Cynthia Watson, M.D., Santa Monica, California.

"Peruvian maca root regulates the organs of internal secretion, such as the pituitary, the adrenal glands, and the pancreas. I have had perhaps 200 female patients whose menopause symptoms are alleviated by taking maca." - Dr. Hugo Malaspina, M.D., Lima, Peru.

"I'm amazed at how fast Peruvian maca root works...within just four days of taking Peruvian maca root capsules, M. T. went through an enormous turnaround...she feels strong and vigorous and her depression is gone." - Dr. Harold Clark, M.D., New Rochelle, N.Y.

"Peruvian maca root is very useful in treating male impotence, erectile disfunction, menopausal symptoms, and general fatigue." - Dr. Aguila Calderon, M.D., Lima, Peru.

"Using this Peruvian red maca root myself, I personally experienced a significant improvement in erectile tissue response. What I see in Peruvian maca root is a means of normalizing our steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Therefore it has facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging." - Dr. Garry F, Gordon, M.D., Chicago, Illinois.

Maca Dosage

So what is the correct maca dosageThat’s one of the most common questions we receive and a good one.  There are several  things to understand that will help you make the most of taking Maca yourself.  Here we break them down and give you our complete recommendations based on over 15 years of experience with Maca.

7 Things To Understand About Correct Maca Dosagemaca dosage

  1. Maca is a foodTo begin with, it’s important to understand that pure maca powder, whether gelatinized or raw is a food.   It comes from a turnip like root high in the Andes mountains and has been eaten for thousands of years by people and animals  indigenous to the area.     Maca is unlike other foods, though, in that it is a true nutritional powerhouse and an adaptogen.   
  2. You can’t overdose, but… – In our experience it’s pretty much impossible to take too much Maca.  (Since it’s a food and not a drug, herb or supplement).   That said, some people report increased heart rate and nervous energy when they take too much.   That’s why you should start with a conservative amount and work your way up slowly.
  3. You must consider your body weight - When you’re starting with Maca, you need to consider how much you weigh as an important factor in determining your dosage.    The dosage levels we recommend below are for people who weigh 160 pounds (75 KG).     Bigger people can generally take more.  Smaller people should start with a smaller amount.
  4. You should also consider your overall health and age – After factoring in your weight, also reflect on your overall level of health and your age.   A 30 year old athlete can start taking a higher Maca dosage than a 75 year old retiree.   The younger and healthier you are the more you can start with.
  5. Maca affects different people differently – Even factoring in age, health and body weight, it’s important to remember that Maca has different effects on different people.     No two bodies are exactly alike and since Maca is an adaptogen it will act in your body to support what your body needs to balance – especially in terms of your hormonal system.
  6. You can adjust quantities as needed – One thing that we do often here is to adjust the amount of Maca we take depending on how much extra energy we want, or how far we have come along in our health goals.   Sometimes we’ll even stop taking Maca for a few days, when we feel like a break – more on that in a minute.
  7. Therapeutic Maca dosage is different than general health dosage – One final consideration is that recommended dosages of  Maca for therapeutic purposes are generally higher than for general health.   For example if you are taking Maca specifically to help with fertility, you will want to boost your intake over time..

Our Maca Dosage Recommendations

 These dosage levels are based on a 40 year old with generally good health and weighing 160 lbs.  If you weigh more or less adjust the dosage accordingly.

Raw Organic Maca – all colors including Red Maca,  Black Maca and Cream Maca

  • Daily Recommendations – 4-12 grams (1-3 teaspoons)  or  6-16  capsules

Gelatinized Maca – all colors including Red, Black and our Blend (note: even though Gelatinized Maca is more concentrated, we recommend the same amount to make up for the fact that some nutrients have been destroyed by heating it).

  • Daily Recommendations – 4-12 grams (1-3 teaspoons)  or  6-16 capsules 

We hope this guide to maca dosage has answered your questions, but if you do have any doubts please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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